Prepped Up Meals

Helping You Reach Your nutrition Goals
And Making Your Life A Little Easier!

Prepped Up Meals creates custom, fitness-oriented meal plans for customers in the Bossier City, LA, area. Our meals are fresh and portioned for an active and healthy lifestyle, designed to be eaten 4-6 times a day. Our mission is to provide the fitness community of Bossier City with quick, fresh, personalized meals that are tailored to a fitness lifestyle. We want to be an accountability partner for you reaching your goals. We seek to make leading a healthy lifestyle both convenient and delicious.

Fit, Fresh And Fast

Prepped Up Meals is here to prove that convenient doesn't have to mean unhealthy. All of our meals are prepared the day of pickup, so you can trust that they will be fresh. There are no preservatives in our ingredients and nothing is canned or frozen. Our meals are high in protein to support a fit lifestyle. We offer paleo, non-GMO and gluten free options for all of our meals. There is no salt or sugar added, but they still taste great!

How Does It Work?

Our plans start at $49 for one meal per day, per week. Meals range from $7 to $9 a meal. If you buy a monthly plan, you'll get a 25 cent discount off each meal. Payment is due through Paypal the day the order is placed, 24 hours or more before pickup. Meals are prepared the day of pickup to ensure that they are as fresh as possible.

We can deliver depending on where you are located. If you don't already have a meal plan, we can coordinate your food to your daily lifestyle. If you do already have a meal plan, we can accommodate it. Please fill out the form to get started!

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